Friday, 24 April 2015

Models own nail varnish collection

One thing I love about the Spring/Summer time is painting my nails, I love just adding that pop of colour! I am also one of those people that when I have my nails and toe nails painted I feel like I have got my life in check and I'm in control and could concur the world!
Okay maybe thats a bit much but I am a huge love of perfectly painted nails and over the years I have managed to build up a rather large collection of nail varnishes, but my favorite brand has to be Models own so I thought I would share with you my models own nail varnishes and maybe inspire you guys to purchase some yourself.
Models own nail varnish are £5 a pot I know this is pretty pricy but what I love is that never changes, no matter what new collection is out or how amazing there new nail varnish may be you know that it is going to be £5, and if you go to bottle shops or even online they almost always have deals on like 6 vanishes for £20 and these are the times I tend to buy them as well because everyone loves a good offer. I also get a lot of mine from The clothes show live, this is a fashion show that is held every year in Birmingham and they have amazing deals on many many different brands and designers, but anyway thats a whole different blog post so lets just get into my Models own Nail varnish collection.

All my Models own nail varnishes 


I have split my varnishes up into three sections so it was easier to explain them and name them without too much confusion. I have painted each varnish onto a false nail just to show you how they appear on the nail because I feel like so many nail varnishes look so different in the pot to how they come out on your nail, but with models own what you see is what you get.

My Hyper gel, gel effect polish collection

 From left to right - Red Lustre, Coral Glaze, Cerise Shine, Purple Glare, Turquoise Gloss, Blue Glint, Cornflower Gleam, Lilac Sheen, Pink Veneer and Naked Glow.

The gel effect collection is my favourite at the moment it has some lovely colours (there are more than this) and they do appear so shiny and smooth, as you can see on the sample nails. I love to get gels done and my sister has her own beauty business so I get it for free which is obviously great, however, one thing I dislike about gels is that they can't be taken of simply and changed so this is why I love these gel polishes because you get the gel appearance but it's not as much effort and a lot cheaper.

My Glitter varnishes 

From left to right - Amethyst, Pink Fizz, Ibiza Mix, Rocket, Show Stopper 2 and Pink Paradise.

From left to right - Velvet, Glitter, He'd Kandi, Fireworks, Limited edition Clothes Show Live and Splash.
Everyone loves a little glitter and sparkle in their life! First of all the purple velvet is an easy apply and dries Matt and rough and then the Pink Fizz glitter is easy to apply and only requires one or two coats to get this effect. The others are clear glitters so for a top coat they are perfect but to get this effect I have shown on the false nail requires several coats maybe four or five which can be time consuming but worth it since it gives a great effect.

My block colour/other varnishes

From left to right - Chrome Blue, Chrome Rose, Princess Pink, Oval Plum, Bubblegum, Lilac Dream, Aqua Violet and Dove.

From left to right - Colour Chrome, Colour Chome, Diamond Luxe, Diamond Luxe, Ice Neon, Nail Polish, Beetlejuice and Speckled Eggs
The first two on the left from the Chrome collection are almost matte when painted on they give an amazing metal effect, I think I will invest in some of the other colours from this collection.
The next two that are from the Diamond Dust collection have real diamond dust in them, I did expect them to be a lot more sparkly so was a little disappointed but still look lovely.
The next one is from the ice neon collection and this one glows in ultra violet light so perfect if you go clubbing or raving.
The next one is a simple lilac I do love there plain nail polish collection which makes me think I really should buy some more!
Next is the one from the beetlejuice collection and this one has a lovely perlecent effect and is beautiful again I think I will buy more from this collection.
Lastly is the one from the speckled eggs collection these are perfect for spring time, and there are many lovely shade in this collection is all pastel which gives the spring vibe.


I have tried forever to find a good base coat, but they have either made no difference at all or after about two or three days my nail varnish just peels off. When I saw this base coat I had to try it out, they explained their base coat as a rubber base, so when it's dried it will have a rubber texture that the nail varnish will attach to well and not chip or peel, and that is exactly as it does! When using this my nail varnish can last for about a week without chipping or peeling but obviously there are times when it does but that is just because of what activities you're doing, definitely try it if you're looking for a good base coat.

I hope this blog post has been useful in some way or you have just enjoyed reading this! Leave comments saying your favourite nail polish, I would honestly love to know.

Talk soon x

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