Wednesday, 17 June 2015

My nails

I feel like it's impossible to keep on top of my nails! By the time I've finished painting them they're already chipped-_- but I do love having them painted! 

Firstly I use my Models own base coat, I love this stuff when it dries it turns to this rubber texture which is what helps keep the varnish on and prevents chipping.

I had decided to use this varnish today, and it is AMAZING!! I got this from Urban Outfitters and it was £12 which is a bit much for a nail varnish but I couldn't resists it is a holographic polish and when light hits your nails it reflects all sorts of colours! 

I know it looks a little messy haha, I'm not a professional at all! But how amazing does this varnish look!! Please share my love for this stuff.

To finish off I used my New York Colour top coat, just to give the colour even more shine and using a top coat also helps prevent chipping.

And this is the final look, I'm obsessed with this nail varnish and I wish there was more of them out there like this?! Can you imagine this effect in all different colours! YES PLEASE!

If you have enjoyed this post let me know in the comments what your favourite nail colour is and if you want to see more of these.

Talk soon x

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