Sunday, 4 October 2015

Halloween Make-up & Costume ideas

It's finally October and that means Halloween!!! Which excites me a lot because I love getting dressed up and deciding what I want to be. I will also find any excuse to dress up more than once around halloween, so obviously doing a blog post on a few different ideas I had was the perfect way to do that!!

First of all I though I would start of with showing you what I dressed up as last year because I kinda LOVE the costumes and just want to show you!

This was my Costume/Outfit/Make-up for a Halloween house party, I was a Mexican skull or I think some people call them Candy skulls I have no idea. I just thought it was cute and I decided to wear this dress because I love it sooo much I feel like such a princess when I'm wearing it and it cost me far to much, so any excuse to wear it and I will haha! But this is definitely something cute that you could use if you're not into getting all bloody and scary.

My next one has to probably be my favourite! The other people in this picture are my sister, her fiancé and my boyfriend, I may have forced them to go to thorpe park for fright night dressed like this! But they loved it on the day and I think we were stopped by everyone in the park to have our picture taken!

We painted ourselves purple and got some dungarees on!! Yes we dressed up as the crazy purple minions! Like I said everyone loved us we had so many people asking for pictures and the best bit I didn't feel as scared off all the actors in the park because in the dark we looked pretty scary ourselves!
This is a super easy look to create all I needed to buy was a purple body paint, purple hairspray and some glasses and you will need to buy a set of dungarees if you don't already own some and then some black boots (I non-surprisingly sparkled my look up with some glittery boots).
One thing to take into consideration we probably got purple all over the rides and whenever people hugged us and took pictures with us they kinda got covered in purple paint and the worst bit is washing it off before bed!!! But I defiantly think its all worth it because minions are bloody cool.

Any way lets get onto some more looks that I am considering for this year!

So one is a skeleton face paint but I have no idea what to wear with this, I don't want to wear skeleton clothing, that is too typical I want something different so I'm still thinking of that! Help out in the comments if you have any idea! I will also be making improvements on this look, if you have any suggestions be sure to let me know!

This one is kind of PLL (Pretty Little Liars) inspired, I wanted to create a doll face which is half broken, if you understand how that links to PLL then you will kind of understand my train of thought! This was my first attempt and I am open to suggestions and improvements because I know it could look better than this but it's my basic idea. So again let me know in the comments what you would change!

I hope this post has inspired you for creating some awesome Halloween dress up looks and I would absolutely love to see what you are dressing up as or what ideas you have! Also which one is your favourite?? I think I prefer the Doll face one but I'm not 100% set on it so I defiantly need more inspiration for what I will dress up as for Fright Night this year.

I also want to create some more Halloween inspired posts to help get us into the spirit, so let me know what else you would like to see!

Talk soon x

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