Sunday, 15 November 2015

Blog Photography Tips

I am not a professional!! I absolutely love photography, it is a big hobby of mine and I have a big passion for beautiful photographs.
I did take photography at A levels so I do have a limited amount of knowledge, I do also be live though that you cannot teach photography! You really can just teach yourself if you have enough love for it!

I thought I would create a blog post on a few tips I have for blogging photography, with a few Dos and Donts I hope I can help you with improving your photography!

The placement of the product/object that you are shooting is very important, there are obvious things like having it facing the right way so you can see what the product is!? But you need to play around with standing it up, laying it down, lid on, lid off?? There isn't really a right or wrong with photography it is just whatever you think looks best.
I always have about 20 pictures of each product maybe even more, just where I have moved it around a bit and adjusted the positioning, this then means when I have them all open on my computer and I can pick and choose which one looks best. You always want option otherwise you just end up using whatever you've got when it is not even be that great.

The background of your pictures is vital! You do not want there too be to much clutter otherwise it can distract you from the product you are trying to focus on, I would advise having a completely clear background, so a white, black or coloured backdrop, or just minimize what is the the background of your picture.
If you do have a background with some products in the background or props, then it can be nice to have the background unfocused and then the foreground focused on the one product.

The lighting plays a huge part in taking a good photo, now this all depends on what type of camera you're are using! I use a nikon DSLR and I have an extension flash for my camera, I personally hate the automatic flash that is on the camera, that is my personal opinion, I think its too yellow and doesn't do my pictures any justice. I play around with my flash A LOT!!! adjusting the brightness and trying out different filters and covers. (I know this isn't photography terms, like I said I'm far from a professional)
All I can say is play around and see what works best because it will all change depending on what natural lighting you have and what the object is, again there is no right or wrong just whatever you think looks best.

I know there wasn't too much, but I thought that these 3 are the most important factors hen trying to get a good photograph for a blog, or anything else for that matter! Photography is great fun, and if you really do enjoy it then just play around with your camera as much as you can, trust me over time you will just get better!

Talk soon x

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