Saturday, 12 December 2015

Clothes Show Live Haul

The Clothes Show Live was AMAZING!!! I may have spent a little more than intended but its once a year and everything is so cheap! 
I thought I would share with you everything that I bought!!

First of all I picked up a cosmopolitan bag for £1.50!!!!! I grab one of these every year, I got 2 cosmopolitan magazines an Elle magazine with a men's health gift guide. They also had a mini bumble and bumble thickening hairspray which I am very excited to try! 

Next we went to Models own, now without fail me and Charlotte will always get a models own bag, they are £10 and you get unbelievable value for money! First of all you get a goody bag which contains 4 eye-shadow brushes, 2 face sponges, a compact mirror, a nail file block, an eye lash curler, a lipgloss, a lip balm, a black glitter eye liner, a black eye liner (I left that at Charlotte's), an eye shadow duo and a black artistic nail pen!!
You then also get to chose 4 products to add yourself, I chose a clear gel effect top coat because I needed one and two gel effect nail polishes in a beautiful blue and pink! Me and Charlotte also chose to get metallic body tattoo just for the fun of it! 
Sorry but how brilliant is that for value for money? Each nail varnish normally costs £5 the CSL always manages to amaze me!

This year we also went to the Rimmel London stand, I might be wrong but I am pretty sure Rimmel haven't done a goody bag deal before, they have always had a stand but this year they had these bags for £5 (they were £10 because we go on the last day we get better deals) 

I am also amazed at what I got for £5 so I bought two bags! The disco diva pack contained; 2 masacras, Kate lipstick 001, Instant tan matte, quad eye-shadow, matte bb cream tester and a tester pouch for some foundation! Then from the queen of bling bag I got; 1 mascara, a liquid eyeliner, sweat heart nail varnish, Kate lipstick 001, instant tan shimmer, matte bb cream tester and the foundation tester pouch! All of that for £10 amazes me I would happily pay £12 for one mascara!!!

I can't contain my excitement about these! I am not sure if I have mentioned these nails before but I LOVE these nails they are amazing I normally pay around £7 for a pack of these nails, so when I saw the stand I basically ran over!! I had to see what offer they had, they were doing 3 packs for £10 these deals are insane so of course I said I would have six and I chose quite Christmasy designs I am in love and can't wait to use them!

This is one product that I wouldn't necessarily think I would buy from the clothes show live but I have been trying to find some good natural eyelashes! So when I saw these for 4 for £8 I thought I couldn't really go wrong so I choose to have 2 iconic which are a bit thicker and 2 vamp which are a bit thinner! I really wanted some natural looking eyelashes because I am not use to wearing any.

This another product that I wasn't intending on buying but I have wanted to try out a teeth whitening product for quite a while I got this set for £15 and I'm very excited to try it out and see how well it works, I will take before and after pictures when I use it and let you guys know how it works for me.

Who doesn't love these face masks? They are amazing and work so well, also when they only cost £1 that is probably why they are such popular face masks! So I didn't hesitate when I was offered 21 for £10 just under 50p each and I got a variety of face masks and foot masks and hair masks! Pretty chuffed with this purchase!

Lastly I actually bought my dad a Christmas present because when I saw the belt buckle stand I instantly thought of him and knew he would love it, so they had a HUGE variety of belt buckles and they were £10 with the belt included! So many of them were pretty big buckles and I don't think my dad really wants to have a huge buckle he just loves having cool ones! I then spotted this Autobot logo from transformers and knew it was perfect for him! This just goes to show that there is stuff for everyone at the clothes show live!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing what I have bought from the clothes show live and I hope to see you all there next year because who doesn't want all these amazing deals and endless free tote bags! Also the Fashion show its self is amazing so even if you don't spend very much it is such a fun day out!

Talk soon x

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